October 22nd, 2011. Glendale, California.

About Us

Sheryl & Peter at the beach At the beach

The story of Sheryl and Peter began 15 years ago in 1996 when they first became friends over AOL. They met in person two years later when Peter was visiting Los Angeles. Although Peter had a crush on Sheryl since their first meeting, it wasn't until 10 years later that the two of them finally started dating, and eventually, fell in love.

There were many hours of late night conversations during those initial twelve years. They hung out whenever they were in each other's town, but it never went beyond friendship. They drifted out of touch after Sheryl started law school. Then a couple of years after her graduation, they reconnected on Facebook.

Mamma Mia! One of their first dates

Peter rarely used Facebook back then, but he posted a status update about an upcoming trip to Colorado with his future best man, Orlando, to campaign for Obama in the 2008 election. Sheryl happened to see it and posted a comment. And that's how the romance began, through a status update and comment!

It started with some innocent flirtation, but they both quickly realized that they might have something real here. When Sheryl had to come to NY for work that December for a few weeks, they decided to give the dating thing a shot.

It worked, and soon after, Peter was flying across the country every few weeks to see her. (Thankfully, he had a job that could let him telecommute.) After 20 months and thousands of frequent flyer miles, Peter finally moved to CA in August 2010. Six months later, they were engaged.

At the last Harry Potter movie Guess who's the big Harry Potter fan?

On the surface, Sheryl and Peter might seem like opposites - she, bubbly and effusive; he, quiet and reserved. But mix them together, and you get a roomful of laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. They have an easy chemistry that comes from having been friends for so many years.

Their strengths complement the other's weaknesses, and each is a better person because of the other. With their dogs, Soybean, Scruffy, and the newest addition, Ronin, theirs is not a quiet home, but one filled with love, laughter, fun, mischief, and the occasional shenanigans.

The Wedding Party

Christine Yee

Matron of Honor Christine Yee

They met during their first month of law school when Sheryl, uncharacteristically, convinced Christine to compete in mock trial as a team(!). This was just the first of their many (mis)adventures throughout the years. From 4 hour parking lot conversations to falling out of kayaks in Baja (ok, that was just Sheryl), to eating their way through Hong Kong and Taiwan, these girls bring on the fun wherever they are.

Orlando Fernandez

Best Man Orlando Fernandez

Peter and Orlando have been friends since they first met all the way back in 6th grade. They've gone to the same grade school, high school, college, and even worked together for a few years. Fun-loving and free-spirited, Orlando's always the life of the party wherever he is, even if there is no party. Most of all, he's the rare type of friend that one can always rely on to be there no matter the circumstances.

Jo Nisha Kelly

Bridesmaid Jo Nisha Kelly

These two misfits met when Sheryl pledged for Delta Sigma Pi during her sophomore year at Loyola Marymount University. They became fast friends when they found out that they shared a deep love for all things Michael Jordan and also a deep hatred for all things related to the Lakers, especially Kobe (sorry, Laker fans). Their friendship is punctuated by marathon mafia games, conversations going on into the wee hours of the morning, and getting lost... A lot! But it's always all in good fun.

Sotheavy Ouk

Groomswoman Sotheavy Ouk

Peter's friendship with Sotheavy is one that wouldn't have existed if it weren't for the Internet. They first "met" in an AOL chat room in the mid-90s and have been steady friends ever since. They've had endless hours of conversation about everything imaginable, from relationships all the way to geeky things like web development. She's living proof that good things can come out of Texas afterall (kidding!).

Raciel Diaz

Bridesmaid Raciel Diaz

These two share a very special geeky bond. They also met while Sheryl was pledging for Delta Sigma Pi. Raciel was Sheryl's most dedicated IT mentor through her years at LMU and now, Raciel (with her metal spatula) is her awesome running coach and friend. And this geeky bond they share? They've watched every Harry Potter movie together (the midnight showings, of course) and they've gone to almost every midnight book release!

Ron Tan

Groomsman Ron Tan

Peter first met Sheryl's brother the same day that Peter first met his future wife back in 1998. After Peter and Sheryl started dating, Peter quickly found out that Ron may quite possibly be the handiest man alive. When he's not helping Peter fix things around the home, they're either talking tech, playing epic sessions of Rock Band or Fruit Ninja, or discussing the latest hot deals. Needless to say, there will be many more years of gaming and deal hunting to come!

Trang Le-Tan

Bridesmaid Trang Le-Tan

They met many, many moons ago when Trang first started dating Sheryl's brother, Ron. A few years ago, they became sisters! From their yearly Vegas trips full of complete silliness to long, crazy games of Pictionary, Fruit Ninja, Monopoly and Rock Band into the wee hours of the morning, Sheryl barely has a family memory in the past 12 years that doesn't include Trang. Here's to many more!

Jason Yee

Groomsman Jason Yee

Fellow NY transplant Jason first met Peter while working together as part of the "Lab Rats" crew at the NYU Stern computer labs. After graduating from NYU, they took a two-week trip together through Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. They both have crazy and hilarious memories from that trip that will last a lifetime. Coincidentally, Jason moved to California right around the same time that Peter did. Born and raised New Yorkers, they both agree that the West is best!

Where and When

Date: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011, at 4:00 PM PST


4 PM

Whispering Pine Japanese Garden
1601 W Mountain St
Glendale, CA

From the very start, Sheryl and Peter knew they wanted to have their ceremony outdoors, somewhere peaceful with large, magnificent trees. They searched far and wide and finally stumbled across the Whispering Pine Japanese Garden in their own backyard. With its lovely weeping willow trees and serene koi pond, it was exactly the place they were looking for to tie the knot.


6 PM

The Rococo Room
70 W Union St
Pasadena, CA

Last year, Sheryl surprised Peter with dinner at Cafe Satorini for his birthday. He ordered seared scallops over green curry risotto and she had the braised lamb shank. Both dishes left their tummies full and happy (not surprisingly, both dishes are on their wedding menu). After dinner, they walked past Cafe Santorini's special events spot, the Rococo Room, and they instantly fell in love with the warm, rich feel of the venue. They knew right then that this would be where they would celebrate their wedding day with their closest family and friends.


The reception venue is approximately 11 miles from the ceremony site.

  1. Turn right onto W Mountain St as you exit the Whispering Pine Japanese Garden. (226 ft)
  2. Take the 1st left onto Western Ave. (1.6 mi)
  3. Slight right to merge onto I-5 S. (1.0 mi)
  4. Take the CA-134 E Glendale/Pasadena exit on the right. (8.3 mi)
  5. Take the Fair Oaks Ave exit. (0.2 mi)
  6. Merge onto Corson St. (417 ft)
  7. Turn right onto N Fair Oaks Ave. (0.3 mi)
  8. At the third light, turn right onto W Union St. (Note: The road forks here so the right turn lane is separated.) (272 ft)
  9. The Rococo Room will be on your left.

Parking: There's some limited, metered street parking available in the surrounding area. The restaurant offers valet parking for $7. There is a public parking structure directly across the street from the restaurant that also costs $7. (They recommend going with the parking structure.)


Courtyard Marriott
180 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA

For their out-of-town guests, Sheryl and Peter have secured a discounted rate for up to two nights, Oct. 21-22, at the Courtyard Marriott in Old Town Pasadena. Just a 5-minute walk from the Rococo Room, guests won't have to stumble too far to get into bed after the evening's festivities.

Rate: $139 per night, king or double queen beds. Reservations must be made by 9/30/11 in order to secure this rate. Parking is $15 per day.

To book:

  1. Call 800-321-2211
  2. Use Group Code: TSCS or mention the Tan-Ching Wedding



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